Areas of cover

1. The Netherlands, limited: The Netherlands, with the exception of coastal waters, Waddenzee, Dollard, Eems, Westerschelde, IJsselmeer and Markermeer, but including IJmeer.

2. The Netherlands: The Netherlands, including Waddenzee, Dollard, Eems, IJsselmeer, Markermeer, Oosterschelde and Westerschelde.

3. Standard: Europe, up to 10 nautical miles from the coast and up to longitude 35o east.

4. Standard (as in 3) with small square: latitude 70o to 43o north, longitude 20o west to 35o east.

5. The Mediterranean: The Mediterranean (including bordering waters, but excluding the Black Sea) up to longitude 5o west and 35o east, and latitude 30o north.

6. Large square: latitude 70o to 30o north, longitude 20o west to 35o east.

7. Extra large square: latitude 70o to 25o north, longitude 35o west to 35o east.

  • Speedboats only qualify for area 3.
  • Areas 4 to 7 are intended for seaworthy yachts.
  • Areas 1 and 2 will attract a premium reduction.
  • Areas 5 to 7 will attract additional premiums.