Yacht Insurances

When comparing insurance policies people are sometimes inclined to look for the cheapest offer possible. Of course we understand price is an important factor. At Kuiper Yacht Insurances however, we strongly believe the real price will present itself in the quality of the product you buy and the service you’ll experience. Does your insurance company share the same passion? Does it really understand your specific risks? Does the policy cover all your needs? And if need be, are your absolutely sure you’ll get the best claims handling possible? Come steer a safe course with Kuiper Yacht Insurances.

Legal liability yachts

The legal liability/hull cover, popularly referred to as an "all risks" cover, is the most comprehensive and most going format. In this case, during the whole year, your vessel inter alia is insured against fire, storm, collision, theft, and sinking. Third-party legal liability is insured up to € 5 million. Other essential points:

  • The contents are insured up to a value of 20% of the insured amount for the vessel, at no extra cost;
  • Calculation of premium on the current market value;
  • Choice of several excesses;
  • Choice of three packages for accidents of persons on board;
  • Payment for additional expenses (towing and assistance fees, raising and removal expenses, repatriation expenses, etc.);
  • Choice of several areas of cover;
  • The no-claim bonus may become as much as 50%;
  • Contract period of 12 months. After this, the agreement remains in force for an indefinite period;
  • For certain yachts an "expert valuation" (formerly called "fixed valuation") is possible.

Apart from the comprehensive legal liability/hull insurance, we carry two other forms of insurance cover: third-party legal liability only and third-party legal liability/fire/theft.

Need advice choosing the best insurance?

Unfortunately, choosing the right insurance yourself can sometimes be a struggle. Therefore we are happy to assist you making the right decision.